Monday, 16 February 2009

Viva a Vida

All the blocks have been completed and the layout agreed on. Each block has been catalogued to make sure it goes back to its correct place! By the end of the day most of the rows had been sewn together.

We have had almost no problems matching up the blocks, which is amazing as 18 people have been involved! The hand-sewing has been beautiful and the blocks are all square.

Thank you ladies!



  1. How it has grown! Looks beautiful Ros.

  2. Hi Jan, I feel we're on the home straight now. Although of course we still have the quilting to do! Ros

  3. Hi Ros,
    I am so pleased to see how not only our beautiful Quilt for the children of VAV in Brazil is growing but also how you keep at developing your Blog!!
    I've been keeping close watch and very porud of you to see how you also are working to help the people as far away as Australia! Well done!
    Love, Lety Wicks xx