Friday, 1 May 2009

A bit of help needed!

A couple of UFOs which I've got stuck on. Mostly I have been short of time but I'm being very indecisive about the next step.

The first, a Lone Star, I have been making for Sophie and have started to hand quilt the central star. I haven't yet decided on how to quilt the white squares or the border. Jan suggested a fleur de lys and Tessa suggested a star in the corners. Do I use white or blue quilting thread?

My second is a batik swap I took part in before Christmas with Popular Patchwork. We each provided a 10" square of batik and this is what I did with mine. I have layered it with cotton wadding as I'd like it to be a wall hanging. Should I quilt in-the-ditch or does it need a pattern?

The light was very good in my garden yesterday afternoon so I took the quilts outside to photograph. My beanpoles seemed like a good place to hang the quilts, though the breeze coming off the field made it a bit tricky!

The plant in the foreground is comfrey which is supposed to be a good compost maker. I just put some cuttings into the ground last summer and they have gone mad so I will be cutting them right back to give an edging/retainer to the soil. We have very poor soil here - full of rocks - so all the nutrients drain away very quickly. These plants should help improve things.



  1. Oh what beautiful work you do! I just saw your comment giving me the link to your blog, and boy am I lucky to have you as a partner in the Friends Swap. I will be following your blog too, and so wonderful meeting you.

  2. Hi Ros, I would suggest you use white thread, it will keep it 'classy' the Lone Star is a lot of work and you really don't want to go and spoin it now with coloured threads. They have their uses of course but I would opt for the plain white myself. It is a gorgeous quilt by the way. Your swap quilt too is pretty fabulous, this is screaming out tome for coloured thread for its quilting, possibly a random one if you have one. How about quilting a circle in each square, then a circle that goes through all the four where they meet at the corners. If you dont know what I mean, I will send you a piky, I am sending you some quilting designs anyway as promised. Keep up the good work. lol Jan

  3. Back again, thanks for the info on the plant, very interesting may have to get some of that cos our soil is pretty useless too. Comfrey. The things you learn from a Blog!!!

  4. Oh dear, back yet again, I see you have Micki as your partner in the swap, you will get something wonderful I know, Micki makes some great stuff, very versatile too.

  5. Comfrey and achillea (yarrow) are both good for composting. Good thing, because I have to keep both under close control or they take over!

    Love the colors in the quilt!