Friday, 24 April 2009

Friendship Block Swap

Round 2 of the Friendship Swap, and guess who is the lucky recipient this month?

I could hardly believe it when Katy announced that it was me!!

I have chosen Teapots, cups and jugs, any colour, any style, anyway you want!

This is my very first block which arrived this morning from Alison. She has hand appliqued with the tiniest and most beautiful stitching you have ever seen. She has also signed it for me! Isn't it a beauty! I love it. Thank you Alison so very much!!



  1. If I had a teapot like that I might even be persuaded to drink tea. It is beautiful - lucky you.

  2. Great start Ros, this is lovely. Well done Alison. The China Tea Service is going to be beautiful. Great theme Ros. lol Jan x