Saturday, 11 April 2009

Postcard Swap

This is the postcard I made for Angela for our 'Family' swap this month. These charming little kitties are our family pets, Elsa on the left and Charlie on the right, who are themselves brother and sister! They both have very strong characters.

As you might guess Elsa is a bit of a princess and has loyalty only to Sophie. Though when Sophie is away at uni princess Elsa has to make do with either Mike or Tim! She's not too keen on me (the 'enforcer of rules'!) Charlie on the other hand is a big softie who thinks no-one can see him and is keen on leaving feathered presents for Tim (under his bed, yuk!)

Here is a little taste of what we have to put up with!

A fascination for water!

Charlie we can SEE you!

Favourite place - on a squishy white blanket!


  1. Had to smile at the one with the beaker in the sink, Chablais does that - one of Suzanne's cats.
    With 7 of them they are into everything.

  2. Hi Jan, I cannot imagine what 7 cats would be like! They are such bossy creatures - 2 is quite enough! Ros

  3. HARD WORK.ius the expression you are looking for Ros. ;-)

  4. Love the postcards and your cats are so great.