Sunday, 19 April 2009

Top of the World

I've just had the most wonderful week in North Devon and I feel on top of the world!! We stayed in the 'Admiral's House' overlooking the harbour in Ilfracombe (you can just see the red brick building on the left of the picture). We had 2 small apartments, instead of one big one, so young people and adults were able to have their own space. Everyone was responsible for their own meals and tidying up (apart from the evening meal) and it worked wonders! First time for years I got a real holiday. We've already booked the apartments for next year!

Our purpose in going was not to be tourists but to go on a Christian retreat. We had a week of fantastic Praise & Worship, daily Charismatic Mass, talks and workshops by amazingly gifted people. The young people were catered for with 'streams' appropriate to their age group.

In March I was asked to be part of the prayer team for the evening prayer ministry. Wow, what an honour! In truth it scared me as much as excited me! The Lord wanted me, in all my weaknesses, to work for Him! I prayed and I fasted for the whole of Lent in preparation. My prayer partner, David, was an ordained deacon so I was in really safe hands. I believe we saw many blessings poured out on those we prayed with. I think it has to be my most awesome experience ever!

I just cannot begin to imagine where all this is taking me! I just know it will be amazing!



  1. Hi Ros, It sounds as though you have had a truly uplifting experience there. Good luck to you, well done. I'm sure you did well on your Prayer Team. I admire you. Jan

  2. That's wonderful.
    Food for the soul and body.
    Congrats for your participation on your Prayer Team

  3. Sounds like a wonderful, meaningful week.

  4. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful experience.