Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tracking your blog

Would you like to know more about tracking your blog and how to improve readership?

Take a trip to Dana's blog at The Quilted Librarian.

Dana has done a lot of research on this!


Lord, You are everything to me. Thank You that I can walk each moment with You and not have to figure life out on my own. And when I comes to a dark time, I can put my hand in Yours and depend on You as we walk through it together. I know that "the upright shall dwell in your presence" (Psalm 140:13) and that is where I want to live. For in your presence I will find healing, deliverance, love, peace, joy and hope.

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  1. Hi Ros,
    Thanks again for your advice yesterday. I just posted to my blog and started the post with a photograph. It's a sailboat - bet your husband would like that one!