Sunday, 10 May 2009

A very special day!

This afternoon 49 of our young people (14 year olds) were confirmed by Bishop Peter from Northampton. A team of 10 catechists, lead by our youth leader Maure, have been preparing them since September for this very special occasion. They all started out thinking this was probably going to be pretty boring and uncool, but each week we could see them opening up a little more and growing in their faith, doing community service and discussing a whole host of issues in 'small groups'. By the end of the course when they were asked if they wanted to be confirmed there was a huge resounding !YES! from them all. Forty-nine teenagers doing something really positive with their lives. How awesome is that!

During the Mass they were each presented to the Bishop, by their sponsor, who then annointed them with chrism and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Each young person was greeted with such warmth it was a truly magical and spiritual moment! I think this picture captures what a lovely man he is!

The music was wonderful and uplifting, thanks to Richard, his amazing band and singers.

These are the banners we hung up yesterday afternoon ready for the celebration. The dove is made from ivory raw silk and shines beautifully. The fire and the lettering are made from heavy satin. They hang one either side of the altar - two and half metres tall! Sally, Jill and I designed and made these beauties.

Afterwards we all piled into our parish hall for
tea and cake and thank you's.
Here are some more flowers, this time table decordations.

These two likely lads were serving cold drinks to the young people!
Recognise the cheeky one?

I finished the day exhausted but feeling great - then home to cook the dinner, what else!!


Come Holy Spirit upon these young people today.
May the gifts they receive in Confirmation
help them always to follow Your way
with courage and love for You.
May they be generous in word and deed
so that others may see You in them and may they
always know that You are with them wherever they go.


  1. Hi Ros,
    In a world that is so quick to belittle the youngsters, I found your story to be very cheering indeed. What a fantastic achievement for everyone concerned, and congratulations to all those youngsters, it will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives I am sure.
    Yep, spotted the cheeky chappie.
    So glad it was a beautiful day for you all.
    lol Jan x

  2. Hi Ros,
    I am so happy to be able to see these lovely pictures of this wonderful day for all those 49 youngters at St Joseph's today.
    Also to congratulate you and Sally and Jill for such beautiful banners - I noticed them at this morning Mass - well done!! Another lovingly made set of our church.
    I agreed with Jan -this journey these kids took last September and culminating today, will make them much more stronger in their character and Spirituality - so much needed in our world!
    Congratulations to all new Confirmants and all the team involved.
    Love, Lety

  3. Ros, The Lord is doing a powerful work within your blessed you all are! With so many churches dying out because it's all become mechanical, God has proven He is alive and welcomes all who come unto him! Can I hear an AMEN!
    Blessings, Kim

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