Friday, 5 June 2009

Friendship Block Swap

I am thinking about the next stage of my teaparty. Here are the blocks, in no particular order. Some of them will need a border and then perhaps some sashing, but what colour? Then I will need to think about layout. Lots of questions! If you have any suggestions to make I would very much appreciate your views!
The lovely people in my photo are Mike and my friend Maureen - who were very patient with me while I was taking this.


Tessa has just suggested that I take a colour which appears in some of the blocks and use it for the sashing. Take a look at the lovely pale blue which appears in the third row. Now how would that look?

* * * * *

Last night at my prayer group my friend Marilyn shared this lovely prayer with us all.

He Was There

Jesus heard when you prayed last night.
He talked with God about you;
Jesus was there when you fought that fight.
He is going to bring you through.
Jesus knew when you shed those tears.
But you did not weep alone;
For the burden you thought too heavy
to bear, He made His very own.
Jesus Himself was touched by that trial,
which you could not understand;
Jesus stood by as you almost fell,
And lovingly grasped your hand.
Jesus cared when you bore that pain,
Indeed. He bore it too; He felt each pang,
each ache in your heart,
Because of
His love for you.


  1. Are you planning to add more blocks, like to get to 16, or are you planning two rows of 3 and two rows of 4 blocks? I'd make that decision first, because that will affect the size of the borders for some of the pieces. I'd add all the borders to the blocks first, then pin them up again to decide on the sashing - if it still looks like it's needed. Just my thoughts. There sure is a big variety in size! Good luck with it. And thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate your comments.

  2. Hi Ros,
    If you are going to add some borders round the blocks, don't use a colour that is at the edge already, the block edge will disappear!! I think different coloured ginghams could look quite good, bringing all the blocks to the same size, then you could use your chosen pale blue if you still wished or just for the border, it really depends how big this is going to be. You can get carried away. How come there are only 14?
    lol Jan x

  3. The blue would be lovely, maybe a little hint of pale yellow in there somewhere as well? Thank you so much for posting that prayer. It might just find its way onto a space on one of my walls!
    Sophie x

  4. What a great quilt i love teapot blocks not that i have done any myself i have cheated & used printed squares in potholders well done

  5. I agree with Tessa about taking a colour from one of the blocks - how about one of the deep blues? Thanks for the prayer, just what I needed at this time of the year. Maggi x

  6. What a wonderful quilt! I love teacups so much and this one is cute!

  7. I hope you don't mind me copying this lovely prayer and giving it out to some of my friends. Please thank your friend Marylin next time you see her.