Friday, 26 June 2009

A trip down memory lane

A quick visit to see my brother yesterday for lunch. Sandwiches and a picnic bench behind his new workshop. The sun was glorious and we were in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside!

I couldn't help taking this amusing picture - this vehicle won't be doing much business!

I had a little bit of time to spare so Sophie and I went on a trip into my past! This is the little cottage I grew up in - Moss Rose Cottage - and it still has a name plaque bearing this name! Looks quaint, but in my day had no bathroom (tin bath in the kitchen once a week) and was very spartan outside!

My grandparents lived next door in this cottage. Again no bathroom, and an outside wc! But we did have a connecting door and I was always visiting and 'helping' my grandfather in the garden.

When the family outgrew the cottage, we moved to this semi in the nearest town. This is where I spent my teenage years. My bedroom was just behind the tree. The house was number 17 and sits on a 'T' junction. Where I live now is number 17 and sits on a junction - coincidence!!

Sophie enjoyed seeing a bit of my past and the amusing stories I could remember (the day, aged 5, when I ran away from school, the back of the church where we had our 'den', the 'green' where my best friend and I used to hang out in the summer holidays).

One last little visit - a quilt shop, of course. I bought these charm squares to make a quilt for a friend - secret project in case she is reading this!!



  1. Love the old truck and the cottages are just beautiful!

  2. Hi Ros, have emailed you anyway but just had to comment here, the truck is a great advert hahahaha and ohhh you were so lucky to be brought up in such a beautiful house, albeit no luxuries, in those days (!) I know you arent that old, they didnt have baths inside or toilets. Been there, got the circle haha on the bottom to prove it!! lol Jan
    Whoever the secret person is, the fabrics look amazing Ros so she he? will love what you make.

  3. What a lovely post & it so nice to revist our past, we lived in a terrace property that had no bath after we moved & years later in the mid to late 60s my brother told my mum that the property had been offered for sale to the tentants for £100 now this is in North London so can you image what it is worth now put at least a 2 on the front & 3 more zeros lol
    Love the look of cottage & all your photos
    Hugs Janice

  4. what a lovely trip down memory lane...and how cool is the coincidence of where you lived and now those charm packs...hugs Khris

  5. What great photos of the beautiful cottage. Colleen