Sunday, 9 August 2009

Beautiful Blooms in an English Garden

The flowers in my garden are looking lovely after all the rain we've been getting lately. I'd like to share them with you.

White Lacewing Hydrangea (above).

A beautiful little bush fuchsia called Fantasia
- notice how the flowers point up as well as down!

Varigated fuchsia called Tom West.
This is one of five different fuchsias I have on my doorstep.

Pink Spirea under the dining room window.

Bush Lobelia in a container.
Each plant has multi-colour blooms.

Vividly coloured Geraniums!

Hanging basket I can see from my kitchen window.
I have planted petunias, fuchsia, geranium
and lobelia.

Some plums on my minature tree.

And one which is beginning to ripen nicely!

My lovely neighbour Barbara gave me a
little cucumber plant,
and just look how well its growing!

Lavender growing by the path,
so when I walk past the smell is delicious!

Clematis growing on the garage wall.

Brightly coloured hydrangea growing in a pot.
It loves the sheltered corner by the kitchen door.

My favourite corner under the oak tree.
Mike has just revarnished this garden bench -
made by my grandfather in the 70s!!

How Wonderful is your name, O Lord, throughout the earth.
Psalm 8:1


  1. Beautiful! And I'm very impressed that you know the names of your flowers. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful garden, thanks for sharing with us xo

  3. What a beautiful garden love the plants my favourite is a fuchsia i just love them, the garden bench looks really nice & a lovely place to sit
    Hugs Janice

  4. What a gorgeous garden yo have and I love flowers.

  5. Gorgeous garden! Thanks for sharing. I love your garden bench. Beautiful! It looks so inviting. And that quilt makes it look even more so!

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous. Here in Brisbane I am battling the possums eating my garden. I love having colour in the garden.

  7. what nice pictures. The bench is great. It all looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Beautiful photos Ros. The slugs have eaten just about everything here except the lavender. They are even eating things that they are not supposed to like - perhaps they are mutating, ugh. Still they are food for the birds and the hedgehogs I suppose. Maggi

  9. Beautiful photos and I love your garden bench.

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  11. "Varigated fuchsia called Firecracker.
    This is one of five different fuchsias I have on my doorstep".
    Sorry this is not Firecracker but it is "Tom West"