Monday, 24 August 2009

Fabric swap

Ice Cream colours - this is the the swap theme!

Earlier this month some of the ladies from the PP Forum each bought 1 metre of fabric.

This is mine - blackcurrant sorbet!

We sliced it into two and a half inch strips and sent it off for swapping.

We each received 14 delicious colours in return.

With my strips I decided to make the Bento Box blocks and found there was just enough to make one block with two complete strips. That gave me 7 blocks, which is a funny number for a quilt, so I dashed out to my LQS and bought some extra 'flavours' to make it up to 9 blocks.

I'm just wondering what to do next. Should I put in sashings, or just a fairly wide border? The blocks are 12" so the quilt measures 36" at the moment.


  1. They look yummy and I love the Bento Boxes you have done so far. How about putting them on point??? lol Jan

  2. I always look for the easiest way to do things. I'd sew the blocks together, then find a dark trim and sew it on top of the seams for a narrow accent/sashing look. Then a border, but not too wide.