Thursday, 12 November 2009

Using up scraps

I had a pile of left over 5" squares which had been sitting around for a while. I sewed them into half-sqaure triangles and they made a really bright little quilt. An impatient teenager helped me out with the photo (have you noticed his quirky taste in shoe laces?)

Thank you all for your good wishes while I have been suffering the after-effects of the flu. I am feeling so much better now.

This last week has also been a trial for me.

Last Friday, my father-in-law passed away, peacefully at home. I did get a chance to see him in the last days but it is never easy saying goodbye. I know he is with the Lord now, free from any pain and at peace.

Last week also my daughter was given a repossession order on her new flat. She is in her last year at uni and had just settled in with a new flat mate and life was good. Then, out of no-where they were given a repossession order with 2 week's notice. Common sense would say this cannot happen, but when we made enquiries the previous tenants and the landlord knew all about this and had chosen to keep it quiet! The cause was a combination of the credit-crunch and a greedy landlord. We've managed to get an extension of 28 days on compasionate grounds and at a cost (£££) but we now have a bit more time to organise some new accommodation before the beginning of next term.

Here's hoping for a bit of calm . . . !!!



  1. That's awful news about your daughter especially as it's not her fault. I hope she finds somewhere suitable soon.
    I'm sorry about your father in law, but he is at peace now.
    Love and hugs GIna xxx

  2. Hi Ros,

    sorry to hear about youre Father in law. But like you said "he is with the lord now."
    Hope everything works out quick for youre daughter.

    yes very funky shoelaces. But a very nice Quilt.

  3. You are all going through alot. Hope you feel better and the situation with the apt. is resolved.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Father in Law. My condolences to you and your family. I hope your daughter's housing situation is resolved soon. What a crazy thing to happen in the middle of a school year. I love your HST quilt! That is so pretty. And I love the funky shoe laces. Noticed them as soon as I opened your blog!

  5. Sorry to hear about your Father-in-Law, it is always difficult to say goodbye but, as you say, he is at peace now. Awful news too about your daughter. I hope you are able to resolve things.