Saturday, 20 February 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

A favourite mug and some delicious hot chocolate to accompany my evening's sewing.

These house blocks were quick and fun to run up - for the House Block Gather.

Then catching up with this week's Friday Block Party, 'Midnight Moths'. I used lots of blue sparkly fabrics for the midnight sky.

Then lastly, I made a stack of broken dishes for my Sampler of Psalms.

I'd spent a bit of time earlier in the day cutting up my fabrics to make the best use of my evening. Its been a long week (week 3 of building work) and the dust and mess is starting to build up. Had a bit of trouble with neighbours too, but we're on schedule despite the awful weather. I hope to show you some photos soon.



  1. I love all your blocks! I can't believe how much you got done!

  2. The blocks look lovely! What's up with the neighbors?

  3. Good to see that you have managed to get some sewing done in between the building work. Have you looked at the difference between the ingredients in the Instant and regular hot Chocolate by the way?