Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

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The Passion
John 18:1-19:42


Words of life in the moment of death,
Words uttered with parched tongue,
Words from aching body, in agony of heart,
Words that still speak to our hearts today.

Jesus of Nazareth!
You are one with us in our sufferings,
You who wept over your people,
You who cried out in fear and trembling.

King of the Jews!
No earthly monarch
Was ever crowned as you were,
With thorns and derisory taunts.

Word made flesh whose flesh suffered so,
Lifted up on the cross
You draw us all to yourself,
From every nation on earth, every tribe,
Every race, every people, every culture,
You reign over every sovereignty,
Lord of all, of the living and of the dead,
My Lord and my God.

The Prayer Trust

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  1. And how he would weep over us today if he could see what we do to each other. Thanks for the beautiful words Ros.