Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Green, green grass

Just look at my new grass! One week old turf, lots of sun and rain, and its looking this good!

Here are the raised vegetable beds going in. This is a one ton bag of top soil which I was hoping would fill the bed but it didn't go very far. I shall be adding lots of compost and other smelly stuff to get the plants off to a really good start.

Here are some of the plants I am impatient to dig in (when the rain stops).



  1. This weather has been just what you needed, it is looking great.

  2. Aren't raised beds just the best thing ever??!!! We have 6 of them and I keep hinting for 1 more...:o)
    Your green grass is gorgeous!
    Have fun planting in between the rain drops.

  3. Do you have any pictures of your raised bed now it is planted? I am about to start a kitchen garden with 4 raised beds