Friday, 18 March 2011

Fridays in Lent


Early in the morning, well before dawn, Jesus went off to some lonely place and prayed there. Mark 1:35

As I look at the hills and mountains
where you went to pray,
and imagine you climbing higher up
to some lonely place
away from the crowds,
I think how these times of prayer
were so precious to you,
these quiet moments in between
all the busy teaching and preaching.

And then I think of the many days
when I've been busy
and given hardly a thought to you!
Why do so many insignificant things
seem to occupy the day?

Lord, in this time of Lent
help me to make prayer a priority,
to find a quiet space in the day,
to share with you a sacred space
to enjoy your company.

from: a Lenten Journey with Jesus in Galilee
The Prayer Trust

Theses photo were taken in Galilee by Pauline (my mother-in-law) last September on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

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