Monday, 25 April 2011

Cottage Needle Case

When sewing with vintage threads and transfers, you need a little vintage needlecase to keep your precious needles safe, don't you!!

Made from scraps of felt and little vintage beads, I stitched this delightful cottage yesterday while everyone was busy with their Easter Eggs.

The little cloth I bought on eBay. I did get lucky after all!

Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend. Our weather is glorious but the pollen count is a little high so plenty of sneezing going on.


PS You can find the pattern here.


  1. It's a beautiful little needlecase, with a lovely retro air!

    Pomona x

  2. Beautiful needlecase Ros. Well done for getting the embroidery. It is very lovely

  3. That needle case is beautiful! The header on your blog is also. Just added you to my favorites!

  4. It's beautiful. I envy your needles!

  5. Such a lovely idea Ros, and they would also make great gifts. I also love the embroidered cloth, and where do you buy your vintage threads? Are they also from ebay?

  6. Your needle case is so sweet. I love it.