Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thank you Pomona

I was the lucky recipient of this wonderful book in Pomona's recent giveaway. Bunting and Pennants from Search Press.

I especially love the bunting with pom-pom edging!

Well, here's my first attempt!! The colours looked great inside but outside in the sunshine they look a bit pasty. I like the blue and white spotty one in the middle, so that's what I shall be using next time.

Thank you Pomona for such a lovely book!

If you rush on over to see Pomona she has another brilliant Giveaway.
Ros x


  1. I am glad that you like the book - your bunting looks very festive! And thank you for posting about my latest giveaway, too.

    Pomona x

  2. The bunting looks really lovely Ros, very summery.

  3. lovely blog! I just signed on as a follower:)

  4. Hi Ros,Just joined you! But how in the world my hog photo came up I will never know!!!!!!