Saturday, 10 September 2011

Seeds galore!

A quick trip to the local garden centre this afternoon gave me something to smile about. I was looking for a pack of green manure seeds to overwinter in the raised vegetable beds. I had the last one, but guess what? All the 2011 seeds had been reduced to 50 pence a pack! I couldn't resist so just look what I got next!

I think I need a plan for this lot!

This is how my garden is looking at the moment, plenty of vegetables but room for so much more.


  1. Gosh,Ros you are going to be busy!!!

  2. gee, Ros you be busy planting and wont have time sew anymore. very good buy.

    hugs Kerstin

  3. Oh my word Ros, so many seeds, bet they all grow too.

  4. Beautiful garden, Ros! Thanks for coming by my herb garden for a visit! Love England and where you live. Lucky you getting all of those Suttons seeds and other varieties! You'll have fun next year or maybe it will be a long season of harvest! Hopefully so! Every time we are in England we have to get a packet of pea seeds! Something about those English peas! Take care. xxoo Nancy

  5. You are going to be so healthy.

  6. You won't be going hungry next summer! I particularly like the Franchi seeds as you get loads in the pack, and they seem to last several seasons.

    Pomona x

  7. i bought some garlic today for planting hope to harvest next summer.
    you will have a bumper harvest next year :)))