Sunday, 26 August 2012

Polesden Lacey

A warm welcome to the readers who visited my blog during the past last week.  I do hope you enjoyed my photos from the Festival of Quilts and that you may be inspired by the beautiful work.  If you are in the UK next year during August you may wish to visit the show.  You can find all the details here.

During the week I had another day out as the weather was good, and the sun was almost shining!  Just an hour's drive away towards the Surrey Hills, we found this hidden gem run by the National Trust.  A stunning Edwardian country house with acres of formal gardens and more acres still of country estate. 

Although we are coming to the end of our English summer there were still plenty of blooms in the borders and the kitchen garden was bursting with produce for the table.  My own garden has been a disappointment this year because of the heavy rainfull and lack of sun so I have great admiration for the gardeners at Polesden who have created this year's harvest.

My camera has been busy again!  Here is another little slideshow for you.  Just double click the photo for a larger image or if you want to view at your own pace.

Amongst the photos you may have noticed a single bloom - a beautiful pink/dark pink two colour rose.  A rose from the 12th century named after Henry II's mistress, Rosamundi.   The same one I use for my avatar.  So I just had to include it!



  1. Lovely photos of Polesdon Lacey - I know it well, as I used to live nearby many years ago (Cobham and then West Horsley just outside Guildford). It brought back many happy memories - thank you so much!

  2. In the 80's,we lived in Gt Bookham just around the corner from Polsden Lacey, and often went for walks there ....don't think we ever went inside the house tho! Pippa

  3. My husband and I went there on a trip to England several years ago. We even got to play croquet! Thanks for the lovely photos.

  4. Lovely photos Ros and how nice to find your namesake there.

  5. Polesden Lacey is lovely - I really enjoyed our trip there a couple of years ago.

    Pomona x