Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Vintage Tea Party

I do love 'vintage' items, they remind me of people and times past, when life was a different pace and stress was a word you never heard!  Blue Willow patterned plates and strawberry jam sandwiches for Sunday tea at Granny's house and the smell of woodsmoke from the Aga can instantly transport me back to the 1960s.  I spotted these two plates in the village charity shop and they were just asking to come home with me.  With a bit of help from hubby and a power drill, we managed to make this little plate stand within half an hour.

It would have ended there, but for one of the ladies at my church, who kindly 'volunteered' me to make a few more for a vintage tea party she was organising.  I should have guessed that this was no ordinary party as this is no ordinary year (think Jubilee and the Olympics).  For weeks my friends all sourced plates from charity shops, dusty attics and car boot sales.  The final tally was 17 cake stands, and just as well because the tea party (not one, but two parties) attracted over 250 seniors.  

The event was part of a local churches together event which ran during the two weeks of the Olympics. 

The volunteer helpers are all in red shirts. 

Hello, Therese and Peggy!

And finally, an aerial shot of the village green.

So, perhaps you can see why I've had little time to update my blog!



  1. I love cake stands! I think you have the makings of a big business there!! Good to catch up with you and hope you are well.

    Pomona x

  2. You have been busy. The cake stands look great.

  3. Lots of work and fun, Ros! Glad to have you back blogging! xxoo Nancy

  4. Brilliant Ros, it was lovely to see you on Saturday, sorry I rushed off I was too hot and felt ill. Didn't want to disgrace myself amongst the ladies. I am sending you something in the post with regard to this post....soon Jan xx