Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Postcard Swap

This is one of our kitties sitting on the fence in the January sunshine (watching the birds?) Oh dear Elsa I think they can see you coming a mile away!

The magazine I subscribe to ( has organised a postcard swap amongst its members. This is a first for many of the ladies (me included). The subject this month is 'County' (or 'Where I Live'). This is the lovely card I have just received from Jenny (together with a brief note):

Suffolk Punch

Suffolk's native breed of horses, known as "Suffolk Punches" were Britain's strongest working horses. Distinguished by their red or sorrel colour, described as chesnut (missing 't' is intentional) they also display a white 'star', 'blaze' or 'shim' down their mussle. Usually tall and bulky, the name 'Punch' derives from an archaic word meaning a stout, fat man! Another feature are their 'clean' lower legs, with short hair, which do not become caked with earth when working the land. Jenny also says that Suffolk Punches are rarer than Pandas!

This is my postcard to Jenny:

Red Kites over the Chiltern Hills

Red Kites are being reintroduced in various parts of the UK (Scotland and Wales) and locally in the Chiltern Hills on the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire border. We often see them flying overhead as our house backs onto farmland and lovely beech woods. They have a wingspan of over one and a half metres and are quite magnificent!



  1. Hi Ros,
    love the Red Kites, I hope we get in a swap together, will look forward to receiving one from you. Cannot believe you've not done these before.

  2. Forgot to say, you have the same cat as my daughter Suzanne, she has four of these English Whites; - Maz, Foggy, Onion and the elusive Emma!

  3. Hi Jan,
    The Red Kites card was fun - there are loads of interesting websites to browse with beautiful pictures. Hope Jenny didn't mind everyone seeing her card before she received it!

    I think one white cat is enough! She is such a princess! Ros

  4. I agree Tim, you will have to tell my daughter that.