Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Viva a Vida

This is how our Jacob's Ladder quilt is coming along. This photo was taken hanging at the window (it was a beautiful sunny day) and the colours looked amazing!

The Viva a Vida ladies are still sewing more blocks and their handiwork is beautiful!

Lety, Iliana, Benedicte, Jill

Patricia, Estelle and Julia

A slightly smaller group than last session (which numbered 17) because some of the ladies had to be elsewhere (exams, holidays, bible study/prayer group). We missed them!

We had a beautifully prepared lunch (plus dessert!) and finished the day with a trip to Helen's Workshop (our local patchwork shop).


Here is a little prayer I used with my small group at Confirmation Class on Sunday evening which I would like to share with you:

Lord, your love has been poured out in my heart
through your Holy Spirit.
Give me a heart to know you, a heart to love you,
a heart that is eager to do your work.
Flood me with your love. Amen.


  1. Welcome to blogland! Jacob's Ladder is just beautiful.

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by! Ros

  3. It is just gorgeous Ros, well done to you and your group of ladies. I love it. It is so cheerful. lol Jan

  4. such a colorful quilt! I love all those bright colors.

  5. Hi Karen, Welcome. Just popped over to see your Dear Jane quilt - just lovely! Ros

  6. The Jacob's Ladder looks great--but are you aware one of the half square triangles is in the wrong position? Second row from the top, on the right hand side. You probably would have found it before you permanently sewed it

  7. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your note. It wasn't until after the photo was taken that I realised the mistake! Amazingly you are only the second person to notice!! Ros

  8. Wonderful colours in the jacobs quilt,

    Hope you are well,
    Take care

  9. Giggle, my quilting students tell me I always find the mistakes! They kinda jump out and hit me in the eye. I really love the way this quilt looks!