Friday, 27 February 2009

Postcard Swap

My postcard to Angela F. for this month's postcard swap on the Popular Patchwork website. The theme this time is 'Science'. I have been through so many ideas (solar system, famous scientists: Leonardo da Vinci and Gallileo, Stem Cells/IVF/Cloning/Ultrasound) then I finally hit on this one. Do you recognise it? The Eden Project in Cornwall. We visited when it first opened in about 2002 and I would love to go again now everything is more established.

Kerstin in Germany sent me this card of Einstein. Isn't 'he' amazing! She used 'thread painting' to do this masterpiece. Click on it and get a closer look. Thank you Kerstin, I love it!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Ros, I love your Eden card, I have never been there, I bet it is a wonderful place to visit. Maybe one day!!! Kerstin's card is great isn't it? There are so many talented ladies doing these cards on the forum. Jan