Sunday, 1 March 2009

Thank You Jan!

My lovely friend Jan (Jan's Musing) gave me this beautiful quilt as part of her bumper 500th posting give-away. Thank you Jan, I love it. As we had a little bit of sun today on the first day of spring I thought I'd take advantage and photograph the quilt outdoors!

And just look what else Jan sent me! This is a postcard she made from a photo of my very first posting. Isn't it amazing! That's me in the middle of the photo with my two brothers and my grandpa on the right - he would call me Rosa-Munda and it was taken in about 1965.

Jan, you're the best!!

Thank you.



  1. Hey Ros that looks neat on the fence, I should remember that when I take piks of quilts in the future. Mind you I used to hang them from my trees! Oops!
    A pleasure making the card for you, glad you liked them. Jan :-)

  2. Hi Jan, It was difficult trying to find anywhere to hang your quilt as everything is so winter-worn! In a few weeks our beech hedge will be looking green and beautiful so I'll be using that for me pics. I'm also looking for somewhere to photograph the Viva a Vida quilt (as that's nearly finished) and it would be great to do that one outside too. Ros

  3. opps, that should have said MY pics !