Monday, 23 February 2009

Visiting Sophie in Bristol

Tim, Sophie and Mike

Our half term visit to Sophie this weekend was a lovely time! She is a second year music student at the University of Bristol. This is the wonderful halls of residence she lives in! (Wills Hall). She is lucky enough to have a top floor room overlooking the quad!

Front aspect of the Hall.

The chapel, which is used for music practice too.

A trip around the grounds.

On top of the hill looking down the valley over Bristol.

The sun breaking through the tree-lined driveway.

The Warden's Garden.

Lunch at Brown's Bistro.
A favourite for students when their parents come to visit!

Happy to see each other!

A walk around Stoke Bishop High Street and Wills Memorial Building - what an amazing place!

Next year Sophie would love to live in the Chaplaincy.
This would be much nearer to the music department and would give her more independence.

The Students' Union (aka Holby City!!)

Victoria Rooms (aka the music department).

He's a grand chap to welcome you!

So you can see we all had a lovely day and were sad to come home. Isn't she a lucky girl having such a wonderful place to study at!! Aren't we blessed to have such lovely children!!


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  1. Fabulous place to live...and visit. Jan :-)