Sunday, 29 March 2009

Vintage Stitching

Here is a beautiful collection of vintage stitchings given to me by my lovely friend Sue. Her mother (who has just sadly passed away) had these little gems hidden away in her house! An English patchwork and quilting magazine from the 70s, thread in jewel colours on wooden reels, needles from the 50s, a very tiny thimble, a glazed fabric tape measure, a little sewing box, and some amazing embroidery. Here is a closer look.

Lovely soft colours stitched on linen.

Hours of work have gone into this, but it needs a little finishing off.

These little flowers just sparkle against a chocolate brown linen background.

This is similar to the brown linen but has been stitched on black velvet.

What can I do with them all? Any suggestions?



  1. What a marvellous gift you've received! Congratulations and treasure it. It's worth every stitch.
    From the picture it appears to be in pristine condition and if you were to frame it, it will still preserve the colours. I have some bead work from Victorian time and the colours still very bright.
    Another option is to display it on a table, under a thick glass top, away from sun light. Anyway way you do it; you'll get great pleasure admiring such a wonderful stitching work.

  2. What treasures! The field of flowers on the dark fabric is the one that I find especially appealing. It just sparkles!

    As for some of the others, I would be tempted to build a crazy quilt around at least one of them. This way you could take a personal creative journey through exploring that piece thoroughly to do justice to combining your knowledge and skills with those of another skilled and talented needleworker of the past.

  3. Hi Nellie, Welcome and thank you for your useful comments. I do like your idea of a crazy quilt. I love to hand sew - when I get the chance. Ros

  4. Ros, what beautiful gifts and the workmanship is amazing. Lucky, lucky you. Not too sure what I would do just now, give me time tho........
    Any sign of the raffle tickets????
    lol Jan

  5. What lovely workmanship. How fortunate you are.

  6. wonderful stitching this is, very lucky you are,

  7. Hi Ros

    Wow what a fantastic needle woman this lady was. the colours are so beautiful. What a wonderful gift from your friend.
    Love Susan