Monday, 27 April 2009

A bit of fundraising!

On Monday (Spring Bank Holiday in UK) we are having a family fun day in the church grounds. Hopefully it will be warm and sunny (not like today which was cold and damp). Viva a Vida are having a table of crafts to raise a bit of much needed cash.

These are some fun coasters!

Some little batik bags - we have lots of these in every colour imaginable. Just right for storing little treasures. All made by hand. I ran a workshop for the Viva a Vida ladies and their friends and we made about 20 of these little gems, some of which have already been sold! I did try making them by machine, but I didn't like how they turned out. There is something really special about hand-made and the batik is a perfect compliment to that.

Some log cabin pin cushions.

Useful purses (I put a traveling sewing kit in each of them - what else!)

Do you like the blue silk I used for the background? Its really one of Sophie's prom dresses which she made herself and which looks absolutely fabulous on her. Hope she doesn't mind me borrowing it for a short while!

And yet another log cabin quilt - just a baby size this time. No matter how many log cabins I make I still seem to have the same number of strips left over. How can this be?

Lety is busy making her famous marmalade, Luiza and Ivonne are making some Brazilian cakes.

The team for the day is Gisella (straight off the plane from Viva a Vida in Brazil), her mum and dad (Luiza and Fred), Ivonne (who never stops smiling), Leonor and me. Lety is off to Greece on holiday so we will miss her.

Of course, we also have our quilt raffle too. I think it is going to be another fun day!



  1. Ros

    What wonderful items for your fundraising. If I was there I know I'd buy lots of your items!


  2. Hi Ros, My you have been busy. I do hope you get a great attendance and manage to sell everything you have painstakingly made. lol Jan x

  3. You have lots of beautiful things for the fundraising day. The best of luck.
    It looks very colourful and happy
    If I were there, I'd be competing with Di :) lol

  4. Just seen your wonderful fundraising items love them all but especially the coasters really nice what size did you do them
    Hugs Janice