Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Bag of Scraps!

I bought a bag of offcuts featuring The Very Hungry Caterpiller on a bit of a whim. So I thought I'd make a postcard and send it to Sophie. Of course there were far too many things to put onto one card, so I made two. (Oops, the sad little caterpiller is upside down - only just seen that!)

I checked out the Wiki entry for the book: did you know that it was written in 1969? That it has sold 30 million copies and been translated into 50 langugages!

I also made this little cushion for Gisella's 2-year old son Gabriel as they flew back to the UK from Brazil on Saturday. I couldn't resist making a bag for his treasures too.



  1. Great ideas and gifts Ros, they will all be very happy to receive them I am sure...Jan

  2. What lovely work you do ! I love what you made! Great job!

  3. Maybe the caterpillar is doing acrobatics! I love it, thank you :) Sophie x