Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Feast of St Peter

We had the most glorious English summer day for our Feast of St Peter this last weekend. Our village is named after this very special saint (Chalfont St Peter). The weather was beautiful so people came in droves. There was something for everyone, young and not-so-young!

For those with a very sweet-tooth.
(yumm, that's me!)

My Brazilian friends and I set up a stall selling cakes, special Brazilian drink (Guarana Antartica), Brazilian manioc biscuits (savoury snack) and we had a log cabin quilt to raffle (which you can just see at the back in the shadow). You can just about see Sophie and I if you look really hard.

There was a vintage car show with some real beauties - I'm not a car enthusiast but these were really special!

This one was pretty old!

This one's a long way from home!

I love VW camper vans!

A London bus owned by HOPE charity.

Our local greengrocers were selling delicious fruit (including English strawberries).

There were over 60 stalls to choose from.
Including a beer tent and a spit roast.

There was entertainment all day from local drama groups, singers, African drumming and medieval musicians.

At the end of the afternoon we drew the winning number for the quilt. Left to right that's Gisella in the blue, Tim (you already know his cheeky grin) with the winning number 15 and Ivonne with the Brazilian football shirt.

This is Frances, who was lucky enough to win the quilt. She was thrilled. As all the tickets were sold locally I just hopped in the car and delivered it that evening. (this photo was taken on my mobile so a little fuzzy).

While we were packing up from the very long day (5pm) it started to rain so we quickly got everything in the car. Then wosh! The heavens opened and there was the most amazing downpour which lasted a couple of hours.

It stopped just in time for the Abba tribute band in the evening and was amazingly dry too.

We all had a lovely day, but so pleased to fall into bed that night exhauted to the bone.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all
    Hugs Janice

  2. Sounds a busy but enjoyable day.