Monday, 13 July 2009

Friday Block Party

This was my block from last week's Block Party. It is named Envelope Motif (not sure why?)

This block started out being enjoyable, but I was soon disappointed at how much wastage there was (loads of little triangles) once I had cut it up. Idid think I had enough of the dark red but discovered very quickly that I hadn't. So, cutting a long story very short, I trimmed it down until I had enough fabric to fit. My finished block was only 9 1/2" instead of the 12 1/2". And my points were lousy. If I made this one again I would definitely use a different set of instructions. However, that is my fifth block finished and all I have used is scraps. So that's something for nothing in my book.



  1. I still think it a lovely block, i am not good with things that need anything other than a square, triangle or a rectangle sort of thing you do wonderful work
    Hugs Janice

  2. I do like the red fabric, your block is great,
    my triangles never line up right when i do mine, yours are wonderful
    Take care

  3. I love the red with the pink. You points look fine to me. Colleen

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, I have enjoyed looking through yours. You are pretty close to me I live in Berkhamsted but have only been here since Sept so am still getting to know the area. What is a block party?

  5. Ros, will you stop criticising your work, it is just fine. lol Jan x