Monday, 20 July 2009

Tea Tasting

Sophie is moving into her new flat in Bristol for her last year of uni (where have the last two years gone to?!) She has a wonderful 'garden' flat only 10 minutes from the music department. One of the first essential items to go into the car was this bag - full of tea! I thought you'd like to see her delicious collection of teas!

Here is the Twinings Collection
Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, Celon,
Darjeeling, Keemun, Rose and Chai

Speciality Collection
Golden Sunshine (white peony, elderflower & marigold),
Temptation (chocolate chips & coconut flakes)

Chai Collection

Aromatic and Fruit Collection
Fennel, Blueberry, Rose, Jasmine

Japanese, Rose and Chocolate

Which is your favourite?
Actually, Sophie mine isn't there!
Shall I bring the Peppermint when I next visit!!


  1. gee, so much tea. I love tea but I do not have the variety. I would choose the Blueberry. Im more of a fruit or herb tea kind of person.

  2. I can't have *that* much tea, surely! Oh dear. We've discovered Simon is a darjeeling man :)
    I really couldn't decide on my favourite one! Good thing I've got so many to choose from. The loose leaf rose in the last picture is very yummy though.

  3. I don't think I knew there were that many different kinds of tea! Tea doesn't get as much attention on this side of the Atlantic.

  4. Wow, she could open up a tea shop! I'm busy counting the tea we have left here. It's twice as expensive here in Sweden and we've run out of what we brought over from the UK. I just stick to ordinary with an ocasional Earl Grey or vanilla (which is popular here), every now and then. I wished I enjoyed all the different varieties. I do try different ones from time to time and I must admit the peppermint one is a treat when my tummy needs a bit of TLC.

  5. So many wonderful teas!!! I wish I was loading that bag in my car. :) You can never have too many.