Saturday, 1 August 2009

Friday Block Party

I had some lovely gold batik for this block, Queen Charlotte's Crown, which turned out really nicely. I was curious as to why this name - so checked it out. It's a very old block from the American Revolution honouring Queen Charlotte, King George's wife and America's last Queen!

I quite like the idea of a quilt made from this block, so used my two-sided mirror to see what it would look like.

I'm rather tempted!



  1. I love the gold elegant looking !

  2. A beautiful block even more handsome when you see what four together would look like. xo

  3. This is a nice block, but how funny on my online quilting group i put up a poll for some blocks as we do a ongoing swap & the present one is coming to a end so i listed 7 blocks & this is one of them not sure if we will be doing it as the winning one gets it but so strange that i had picked it as well in my list may i link your blog for those who wish to see it so they can look at it in a message to my group
    Oh by the way lovely block you done & what a great idea of using a mirror
    Hugs Janice

  4. How clever...a 2 side mirror! Very elegant block. The gold fabric is perfect for a queen;s crown1
    x Lori