Friday, 30 October 2009

Friday Block Party

Sewing this week has been a bit limited as I've probably had the swine flu. Symptoms were not particularly bad, but feeling oh so tired all the time. Making blocks is about my limit!! The first one is called game cocks (which according to wiki is a type of chook and in the US an athletic team). This came together beautifully, even with all those tiny pieces (10" block).

My second block, blindman's fancy, (12") was quite a challenge! My 3 & 11/16 inch centre (can you believe that measurement!) was too small so ended up being re-cut at 4". I then needed to adjust the white inner border to match the outside border. The light outside was fading so I had to dash into the garden to get the last few rays! But glad to get that one finished. Both patterns came from Quilters Cache.



  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love both those blocks.

  2. Both look great Ros. Hope you are recovering.

  3. Hey Ros,
    sorry you have had that horrid flu my friend. I hope you are better now.
    lol Jan x

  4. More beautiful blocks well done hope you are feeling better now
    Hugs Janice

  5. Hope you're feeling better now! What a roten thing to have just when you had soem "me-time" this week...Take care and keep making those lovely blocks!
    Fiona. :)

  6. Your blocks are beautiful. But I do want you to feel 100% soon, so do rest.


  7. Hope you pick up soon - make sure you get plenty of rest while you are recovering.

    Pomona x

  8. Hope you are feeling better.
    The blocks look great.