Thursday, 12 November 2009

Even more blocks!

I've really enjoyed making blocks recently, so here are a few more which I have made this week.

The Basket Block is this month's Friendship Block Swap for Alison. She want pieced baskets from us all, so she can fill them with flowers. This little paper pieced block came out at 9" so I've put a leafy border around it to make it a little more substantial. I shall look forward to seeing the flowers she fills it with.

The next few blocks are from Friday Block Party - I have a little bit of catching up to do here! The yellow block is Cross in a Cross, though to me it looks more like Tea for Four. A pile of these blocks would make a good quilt (one suggested pattern was on-point which I thought was neat).

This green block is Hope of Hartford, which was fairly simple. The little block in the middle required a bit of patience. I'm guessing the name comes from the University, but as I'm from the UK, Dreaming Spires might be an alternative name! (Dreaming Spires = Oxford).

Album Star is just 8" so would be great with a little picture or siggie in the middle. I just loved the colours of this one - it reminded me of delicious blackcurrants. My favourite yoghurt at the moment is one from a local dairy (greek yoghurt with blackcurrants - yummy).

Last block is Fool's Square, which would make another quick quilt.

Now that the quality of the daylight is diminishing it is more difficult to take good photos of these blocks. The solution I found was to make a little quilted mat from calico and to use it for a background - the colours now stay true. These photos were taken on the kitchen floor with the outside door open for extra light.

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