Thursday, 25 February 2010

A smile on my face

Things which have put a smile on my face this week!
Real progress is being made on this long time UFO thanks to Jan's gentle nudging.

Mike bought me some snowdrops for the garden. We have a beautiful old oak tree and they will be perfect in drifts under its canopy.

I came home with a dozen oranges for juicing from our local outdoor market. Every morning for the last few weeks I have been starting the day with a delicious glass of juice. They are truly a superfood - my energy levels have improved tremendously.

And a lovely big bag of apples. Grated and mixed with Greek yoghurt and honey they make a wonderful breakfast.

Our builders are making some real progress now, instead of digging endless holes and pouring vast amounts of concrete, we are now seeing the walls going up. The brickwork is so goodlooking!

Tim and I watched 'Of Mice and Men' to help him with his school studies. What a wonderful storyline (a touch of sadness too) and we both really enjoyed it.

Hope you've had a good week too.


  1. Ros, my mouth is watering after reading about your delicious ideas for your oranges and apples breakfast. Lovely snowdrops too, such joy at this time of year!

  2. It's nice that there are so many things that can make us smile. Your photos are lovely - was especially pleased to see the brick wall. Progress!!

  3. Definitely would bring a smile to my face too! I love your idea of apples & yogurt. I'll have to give that a try!


  4. I love the colours of that quilt - it looks like you are not too far from the end of that project!

    Pomona x

  5. Keep it up Ros, well done to you. My snowdrops look measly compared to your header, please tell me that is NOT in your garden. Jealous eyed Jan.

  6. Oh yeah forgot to say, I am coming for breakfast. yum yum yum

  7. Lovely quilt Ros!!


  8. Your UFO is coming along nicely.

  9. Your UFO is looking good, is it a quilt?
    Sounds a tasty breakfast.