Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mug Rug Swaps

Susan-Claire from Gourmet Quilters sent me these absolutely beautiful mug rugs for the Quilting Gallery mug rug swap. No prizes for guessing which country she lives in!!

I am just blown away with their beauty, the lovely fabrics and the stitching!

Even the reverse side is beautiful!

And there's more - some charm squares and a bookmark. Makes me want to travel to that beautiful country.

Then I heard the news . . . about last night's devastating earthquake and I felt sick from the shock. My prayers go out to the people of Christchurch and anyone who has family or friends there. May your loved ones be safe.

My mug rugs are on their way (hopefully they will have arrived by now) to another continent.

Then another swap in a Yahoo group I belong too, with more mug rugs!

This blue one is for Susan.

And here is Fiona's batik rug and mug cosy for me. Thank you Fiona - I love my drinks really hot!

If you're inspired to make a mug rug for yourself, you can find the instructions here.

I'm sorry to have been so quiet these last few weeks. I must be a bit run-down as I've had Shingles for three weeks and was feeling pretty rough. I'm on the mend now and back to my old self! Its lovely to be back.



  1. Hi Ros, Im glad you are feeling better. Some beautiful Mug Rugs you got there. The once you got and the once you made.


  2. Those mug rugs are exquisite. Glad to see you well again and I hope that your swap partner is safe in NZ.

  3. Beautiful mug rugs all round Ros. I am glad that you are feeling more like your old self.

  4. Hi Ros, glad to see you are feeling better, Shingles is no joke. The mug rugs you received are fabulous, that fabric is to die for. Yours too are wonderful but then I wouldn't have expected anything else from you. Your work is always perfect.

  5. These are beautiful! Makes me want to get started making my own. Who knew that they could be so lovely?

  6. Hope you're feeling much better...shingles is an awful thing to have.

    Such colourful mug rugs...great fun!