Monday, 8 August 2011

Stunning Blooms

These glorious blooms appeared in my garden this week. Just an inexpensive bag of mixed lily bulbs from the local supermarket which were tossed untidily into an earthenware pot sometime last year.

So I didn't have any high hopes for them. The foliage is untidy but if you can ignore that and just take a huge lungful of air you have the most wonderful heady scent.

Perched beside the greenhouse for shelter and reflected sun they seem to be enjoying themselves and rewarding us with this beautiful show!

Photo: BBC Gardeners World

We did have some unwelcome visitors, red lily beetles, which had to be despatched very promptly! Check here on how to deal with them



  1. Beautiful lilies Ros. They are my favourite flower and I adore the scent. Unfortunately I can no longer have them in the house or garden because they are so poisonous to cats. I know I could remove the stamens as it is the pollen that is the problem but I would hate risk the consequences by missing one.

  2. They are beautiful lilies! I remember hearing the beetles being talked about on Gardeners' Question Time on the radio.

    Pomona x