Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Victoria Plums

This summer has been very good for Victoria plums. An abundance of sweet juicy fruits hanging like jewels from the tree. This little tree was planted three or four years ago, then moved last year (by the builders with their JCB!) to another spot with more sunlight.

The wasps are starting to buzz around the tree so I'm picking them even though they are a little sharp. They should ripen very quickly.

Pomona has this great receipe for spicy plum chutney which you can find here. I shall be trying this out for sure. There will be plenty more for freezing so we can enjoy them later in the year (plum crumbles, plum sponge pudding). We will be enjoying a feast!

We've had some charming little visitors this week, and they have been enjoying the good weather too. Cassie is quite a bold little bunny but her companion Bo is a little shy. They love the sun and the tasty fresh grass. (Tim renamed them Casserole & Bolognese!! We are a veggie household so they are quite safe!)

There has been a bit of stalking going on, as the resident kitties are a tad jealous. But extra treats and tummy rubs have cured that. And the bunnies come indoors at night just to be extra sure.



  1. The plums look so tasty, glad you got to them before the wasps did. Love the renaming of the rabbits!

  2. Hi Ros.
    I was blogwalking when I stumbled upon your blog. Love the plums. Over here, we don't have fresh plums. The ones that we got from the stores are bruised and not so crunchy.